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Blue River Rail Trail

The Blue River Rail Trail in Marysville, Kansas is built on the former right-of-way of the Beatrice Branch line of the Union Pacific Railway. An 11.5-mile section of the railbanked right-of-way lies within Kansas, from Marysville to the Nebraska state line, with the remainder of the total 68-mile length running to Lincoln, Nebraska (where it's known as the Homestead Trail).

The trail begins near downtown Marysville, at the historic Union Pacific Depot, and runs north on surface streets to the South Trail Head off of Jayhawk Road. Heading north, the trail passes through an area that once was the world's largest covered livestock yard, and on along the banks of the scenic Blue River, which offers a lush natural environment with abundant wildlife and birds to enjoy. From there, the trail continues north, through a small covered bridge, to the Harvest Road Trail Head, and on north to the Nebraska state line.

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Last Update: August 19th, 2015