Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park (KRRP) is a usage fee park open to the public that offers approximately 240 acres with trails for slow speed motorized four wheel drive vehicles, non-motorized bicycles, and hiking. The KRRP offers beginner, intermediate, and expert-level trails with steep rocky hills, wooded areas, creek crossings and open sections for picnics. The park is located a few miles northwest of Fort Scott, Kansas.

There are over 60 miles of shared trails that encompass the entire park. Since the maximum speed in the park is 5 MPH, sharing a trail with 4WD vehicles is not a problem. In addition to the shared trails, over a mile of dedicated freeride mountain bike trails is also being constructed. Freeride trails have man-made obstacles, wooden stunts, jumps, and drop-offs to make them more challenging and exciting to ride. A dirtjump area is also being developed along with the trails.

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park is open weekends during daylight hours. There is a daily usage fee of $5 per individual hiker or mountain biker and $10 per 4WD vehicle. Yearly permits are available for $50. Primitive camping is available with permission.

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Last Update: December 28th, 2013