Team Sho-Air KC

Team Sho-Air KC

The Team Sho-Air KC cycling team is designed to support all levels of racing in the Kansas City area, with grassroots efforts aimed at youth, women, and all riders who are new to the sport. Team Sho-Air KC aims to grow the sport, to develop the sport from the outside and bring more riders onto the racing scene. The junior squad is directly tied to the youth programming provided by Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling. While all youth are welcome on the team, UKCCC focuses mainly on providing youth from the urban core of Kansas City with bikes, clothing, training, and cycling programming.

The Sho-Air KC Cycling Club is an all-inclusive club focusing on everything cycling has to offer. It consists of those cyclists who prefer to ride recreationally or race infrequently, families, friends, and anyone else who has an interest in being part of the program. It doesn't matter if you are a racer, recreational rider, friend, family member, or just someone who loves cycling. Everyone is welcome.

The Team Sho-Air KC web site seems to have disappeared, so presumably the team has folded...

Web Site: shoairkc.com
Location: Raytown, MO [map]

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Last Update: August 6th, 2015