Garnett Crystal Lake

Garnett Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is located on the southern edge of Garnett, Kansas, along the Prairie Spirit Trail. Wilderness (tent) camping is permitted on the south side of this lake in a designated area. The campground is open year-round.

Cost: $9 per night for "wilderness" (tent) camping. Camping is on a first come, first serve basis with a self-pay permit stations located in the park. Camping permits may also be purchased at the Garnett Police Dispatch Center, 131 W 5th Ave.

Garnett is located at the midway point along of the Prairie Spirit Trail State Park, a rails-to-trail that runs north-south for about 51 miles, from Ottawa in the north to Iola in the south.

Contact:, 785-448-5496.

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Location: Garnett, KS

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Garnett Crystal Lake Kiosk - Information kiosk and self-pay station at Garnett's Crystal Lake camping area. Garnett Crystal Lake Tent Camping - Designated wilderness (tent) camping area at Garnett's Crystal Lake.

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