Chariton Classic

Chariton Classic

The Chariton Classic is an annual bike ride that takes place each June, about one month before RAGBRAI, and serves as a traditional tune-up for the big ride, allowing you to test your equipment and body in the rolling hills of Southern Iowa.

The Chariton Classic rolls through Lucas and Wayne counties for 60 miles. Roads include local secondary roads, and towns visited are Russell, Millerton, Cambria, Humeston, and Derby. Riders have the option of finishing the ride by either continuing on the paved secondary roads or by taking the Cinder Path, the State of Iowa's first bike trail on abandoned rail lines.

Amenities for registered riders include rolls and juice before the ride, stops at Sunny Slope Church 20 miles into the ride, 45 miles into the ride at Derby, and back to Chariton for a meal. Southern Iowa hospitality makes the Chariton Classic unbeatable!

The Chariton Classic is hosted by the Connecticut Yankee Pedaller bike shop in Chariton.

Note: The Chariton Classic is not being held as an organized ride in 2012.

Web Site: cypbikes.com
Location: Chariton, IA [map]

Event Info:

06-27-2015Chariton Classic - An annual bike ride that takes place each June before RAGBRAI, allowing you to test yourself on a 60-mile ride in the rolling hills of Southern Iowa.

Last Update: April 12th, 2015