Frontier Military Historic Byway Bicycle Guide

Frontier Military Historic Byway SignThe Frontier Military Historic Byway follows the state's eastern border between Leavenworth and the Oklahoma state line. The route approximates the old Fort Leavenworth-Fort Scott Military Road, which was originally surveyed in 1837, and served as a vital supply line for troops and goods on the edge of the western frontier. During the Civil War years, there were a number of battles fought near this trail, and today there are numerous battlefields and historic sites, as well as pioneer sites, along the route.

Frontier Military Historic Byway Bicycle Route Map

Length of route: About 168 miles

Bicycle friendliness of route: Fair to poor. At its northern end, the route passes through the Kansas City metro area. Further south, the byway follows US-69 highway, which is a four-lane divided, limited-access highway for much of its length. Although US-69 often has wide paved shoulders, the highway carries relatively heavy traffic (5,000-25,000 vehicles per day) at high speeds (75 MPH in places), making it a less than pleasant cycling experience. The nearest alternative route is K-7, which generally runs 5-15 miles west of US-69, and though it doesn't often offer paved shoulders, it carried far less traffic.

Communities Along the Frontier Military Historic Byway

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Last Update: February 14th, 2014