Kansas Byways Bicycle Guide

Kansas Byways KSByways.org, a web site created by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, "identifies and designates a system of scenic roads in Kansas for the enjoyment of the traveling public":

Kansas has eleven byways, eight scenic, two of which are National Scenic Byways and three historic byways. In addition to being beautiful drives, the byways each have a fascinating history and an abundance of activities to enjoy.

Of course, the byways are more than just "beautiful drives" – to appreciate the beauty, scenery, and history of the byways, a bicycle is an ideal vehicle, slow enough to really experience the country you pass through, yet fast enough to travel the length of (most) byways in a single, glorious day.

Kansas Scenic and Historic Byways

Kansas Scenic and Historic Byways
The following are detailed guides to bicycling along Kansas scenic and historic byways:

The bicycle friendliness of the byways varies. Many of them are rural roads that carry little traffic, while a few pass through larger communities or even urban areas.

Note: The Travel Kansas web site also has a one-page summation of all these byways guides: Pedal Power, with information provided by Kansas Cyclist, used with permission.

Kansas Scenic Byways Guidebook

Kansas Scenic Byways GuidebookScenic Byways of Kansas offers a glimpse into each one of these unique byways, along with maps and destinations to experience long the way. A pull-out poster featuring Kansas Wildflowers is included.

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Last Update: February 13th, 2014