Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted writes from Waterloo, Iowa in a "bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating". He works as a bicycle mechanic for Europa Cycle and Ski in Waterloo, and is into off-road endurance cycling.

Guitar Ted is involved in organizing and promoting a number of endurance events, including the annual Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race (a 300+ mile non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa) and the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational.

Web Site: g-tedproductions.blogspot.com
Location: Waterloo, IA [map]

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Trans Iowa Stories: T.I.V9 Photo Dump Part 1 09-20-2020
 "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject by going back to earlier Sunday posts on this blog. Thanks and enjoy!The events of T.I.v9 maybe weren't […]
Looks Like We're In It For The Long Haul 09-19-2020
 Last March I had a lot of plans. I bet you did too. Well, I don't need to tell you all what happened there. Things in our lives have been radically changed and what we expected, in many cases, has been postponed or cancelled. I think about how my son, just […]
Friday News And Views 09-18-2020
LOOK Pedals' Geo City.Iconic Pedal Maker Makes Ironic Pedal Debut:The cycling industry missed most of its debut product events this year, so things are trickling out at odd times now. One of this week's strangest debuts comes from classic clipless pedal maker, […]
Fall Views: Hazy Daze 09-17-2020
Escape route- The Cedar Valley Nature Trail. Recent Western fires have affected our air quality here in the Mid-West this week. The results haven't been as bad as what has been reported in the West, but we are affected none the less. I can feel my throat is […]
Big News Day: Salsa Cycles & WTB 09-16-2020
 Yesterday was a big news day in cycling for new product with Salsa Cycles announcing a new mountain bike platform and WTB announcing new puncture protection gravel tires. First up, let's take a look at the news from Salsa Cycles from my viewpoint. I'm […]
Fall Views: Photo Dump 09-15-2020
Saturday's ride had so many images taken from it that I couldn't share them all yesterday. Here I will post the rest with a few bits of commentary along the way. I hope that you all enjoy the scenery. Toward the end of the ride I think I grabbed some epic imagery, […]
Fall Views: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost 09-14-2020
 Escape route for Saturday's ride- Moline Road.After four straight days of dreary rain, the sort of weather that can bring a joyous heart dismay due to its incessant nature, I was ready to get out on the gravel. Whether the roads were good, or whether we would […]
Trans Iowa Stories: Let's Get This One Done - Part 1 09-13-2020
One of my favorite images from the final recon of T.I.v9's course.  "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject by going back to earlier Sunday posts […]
Reliving The Daze 09-12-2020
  Recon in late October of 2013 of the T.I.v10 courseThis past week was one for the ducks. Rain, rain, rain. This made for little riding and a lot of other stuff to be looked over. One of those things was researching the archives for the next bit of "Trans […]
Friday News And Views 09-11-2020
 Twin Six Standard Rando v2 In Slate:We got our Standard Randos, Andy and I, and then Twin Six comes along and does this. A limited edition color. "Shale" they call it. Andy was beside himself when he saw it as he wants that color over black. I told him, […]

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