Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted writes from Waterloo, Iowa in a "bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating". He works as a bicycle mechanic for Europa Cycle and Ski in Waterloo, and is into off-road endurance cycling.

Guitar Ted is involved in organizing and promoting a number of endurance events, including the annual Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race (a 300+ mile non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa) and the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational.

Web Site: g-tedproductions.blogspot.com
Location: Waterloo, IA [map]

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Trans Iowa v13: Numbers 03-30-2017
What if a six turned out to be nine?In the process of producing a Trans Iowa, I deal with tons of numbers. That is actually pretty ironic. If you know me well, then you'd know why. Numbers and I have had a troubled relationship over the span of my lifetime.....Well, […]
WW4M: Brooks Cambium C-17 03-29-2017
Brooks Cambium C-17 in Natural.Saddles are a highly personal item and being one of the all important "touch points" for a human on a bicycle, there is a lot of debate on "what is best". So- take the following opinions on this saddle with a grain of salt. […]
Gearing Up For Gent's Madness 03-28-2017
It should look like this.The Renegade Gents Race v7 is happening this weekend. Yes, you know that it is one of my favorite rides of the year. Well......you do if you have been paying attention here. So, like any other year, I have to decide which rig to pull from the Lab […]
Industry Blues Makes For Odd Times 03-27-2017
If you believe the hype, this is what will "save" the bicycle industry.I have been reading a lot of news of late concerning how far off the business of bicycles is and has been over the past year plus. It isn't just a little off either. It is waaaay off. Like […]
It Depends On The "How You Do It" 03-26-2017
"Grinder Nationals" poster. Sanctioned.Many folks hear that, or read that, and the hair goes straight up on the neck and the claws come out. If you are one of those folks, I urge you to calm down and come back to this later. There isn't anything here to get […]
Minus Ten Review- 12 03-25-2017
If it wasn't a rock, it had a spike sticking out of it that could rip yer flesh open. Ten years ago on the blog here I was relating my experiences riding in the Franklin Mountain State Park in El Paso, Texas for the first time. It was, understandably, an eye opening […]
Friday News And Views 03-24-2017
The Terrene Honali 700 X 50 tire. Terrene Debuts New 50mm Honali Tire:Terrene Tires has made quite a splash with the three tires that they entered the market with last year. The mtb "Chunk", the fat bike specific "Wazia", and the gravel oriented "Elwood". […]
Shocking News And Husky Rubber 03-23-2017
A Rock Shox Judy?! Yes, a new Judy is coming soon. Blast From The Past- Only New! What better way to kick off a "Throwback Thursday" than to talk about yesterday's news that a new Rock Shox Judy will become available as an aftermarket and OEM suspension […]
Something Old, Something Blue 03-22-2017
It will get the job done. Parts bin parts are sometimes a good thing, and then again sometimes they can be a curse. I mean, what the heck am I saving this stuff for? Then comes a day when you find that part that allows your build to continue forward and you think you are […]
650B Gravel Bikes: Are They Mountain Bikes Too? 03-21-2017
The Twin Six Standard Rando now comes in 650B or 700cNOTE: Large doses of "my opinion" will be handed out in gloppy dollops today. You've been forewarned.....Okay, here we go folks. Just to reiterate, this is only my opinion.The industry is making so-called […]

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