Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted writes from Waterloo, Iowa in a "bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating". He works as a bicycle mechanic for Europa Cycle and Ski in Waterloo, and is into off-road endurance cycling.

Guitar Ted is involved in organizing and promoting a number of endurance events, including the annual Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race (a 300+ mile non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa) and the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational.

Web Site: g-tedproductions.blogspot.com
Location: Waterloo, IA [map]

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Fat Bike Century Challenge: Update 09-27-2016
Swapped tires. Last Friday, after the deluge from Thursday evening which caused the flooding to get started, I decided to ride the Ti Muk in and test out the Bar Yak system on the way to and from work. I figured I may have some positioning issues I might be able to sus out […]
Too Much 09-26-2016
The 6th Street railroad bridge getting lapped by the Cedar River's flood waters- Image pilfered from FacebookIt's been tough to think about anything here lately than water. Water that we don't need and that has fallen from the sky, swelling our local rivers […]
Trans Iowa v13: Registration Details 09-25-2016
Okay folks, this is it. Your details on how, when, and where to send in your registration cards to get a chance at being in Trans Iowa v13. Read this very carefully, as I will not be answering questions about "how can I can get into the event ?" this year, or anything […]
Minus Ten Review- 38 09-24-2016
Mr. 24 at work in '06. He's getting married here pretty soon! Congrats Jeff!Ten years ago here on the blog things were changing. This week pretty much marked the end of what I would say was the "freewheeling, fun, rookie days" on the blog here. I was […]
Friday News And Views 09-23-2016
Not this year: Interbike Outdoor demo was a ghost town and not like this at all. In the "Hey! Didn't I just Say this?" (Like years ago) FileInterbike suffered its worst attendance in years this week and even the press had to admit what I had been witnessing […]
Fat Bike Century Challenge 09-22-2016
Starting to work on my set upMy fiend Tony asked me the other day to do a fat bike century with him. Challenge accepted. Hmm......now what?I certainly am not doing this on my Blackborow DS, that's for sure! Way too low a gear and one speed. Nope. Not gonna do it. So, […]
Velo Orange Cigne Stem Overview 09-21-2016
The Velo Orange "Cigne" stem is an "LD" type stem for drop bar mtb'sBackground: In the weird world of off road drop bars, one of the main issues is getting the drops up in the air high enough that the drop position becomes your primary hand position. […]
Trans Iowa v13: Registration Tweaks Update 09-20-2016
A little over ten days ago I listed some ideas that I had planned to implement for the Registration for Trans Iowa v13 and I asked for feedback or you'd get stuck with my plans. Well, I didn't get much feedback, so guess what? You can't complain now. The train […]
Geezer Ride- Fall '16 Report 09-19-2016
Just getting started- Dennis and Eric positively glow in the morning Sun.The Geezer Ride for Fall is in the books and was an unqualified success, as far as I am concerned. What a perfect day, for starters, and the group we assembled this time was another very good, amiable […]
How To Choose Your First Fat Bike: Or Something Else! 09-18-2016
Depending upon your situation, a "plus bike" might prove better than a fat bike.When considering fat bikes, it might be wise to figure out if something else would be better. Fat bikes, while capable of things that many other type bikes are not, just might be overkill. […]

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