Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted writes from Waterloo, Iowa in a "bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating". He works as a bicycle mechanic for Europa Cycle and Ski in Waterloo, and is into off-road endurance cycling.

Guitar Ted is involved in organizing and promoting a number of endurance events, including the annual Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race (a 300+ mile non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa) and the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational.

Web Site: g-tedproductions.blogspot.com
Location: Waterloo, IA [map]

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Thoughts On IWAR 04-20-2021
So, the Iowa Wind And Rock ultra-distance gravel event happened over the weekend and I paid some attention to the goings on down there in South Central Iowa. I figured a few folks might be curious as to what I think about that event and how things went down this year, seeing […]
Country Views: A Run To The County Line 04-19-2021
Escape Route: Park Avenue North, Waterloo. Saturday's forecast looked the best that it had looked for days. High of 50-ish, light Northwesterly winds of 5-10mph, and no precipitation. So, I was hoping to pull off a big ride. I made all the plans, but Friday […]
Trans Iowa Stories: A Moment Of Reflection 04-18-2021
Downtown Grinnell on a morning we were doing recon of a T.I. course. "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject  by clicking on the "Trans […]
Crazy Lights 04-17-2021
Raveman lights purchased for test/review on RidingGravel.com We have it easy these days, we do. Especially when it comes to lighting for our night time bicycling excursions. I never cease to be amazed by each new generation of LED lights and Lithium/Ion battery […]
Friday News And Views 04-16-2021
Gravel Events Leveraged For Social Change Issues:If you hadn't noticed, there is a big issue regarding the proposed World Cup level event for cyclo cross in Arkansas this Fall and how that state has passed some anti-transgender legislation. Social issues are being leveraged […]
Recon The Route 04-15-2021
This isn't quite ready yet. I was passing through downtown Waterloo yesterday and noted that there was a lot of barriers to my commute route which cuts across an intersection underneath the expressway. This was going to present a challenge to me because there […]
The B.O.G. Series: How To Repair A Flat Tire 04-14-2021
  Welcome to the Basics of Gravel Series (B.O.G.)! In this series I will attempt to bring a very foundational knowledge of gravel and back road riding to anyone reading that may be curious or a beginner in riding off-pavement, but not wanting to be mountain biking. […]
Found It! 04-13-2021
"Crossroads On The Cedar" by Clarence W. Baldwin. Quite some time ago now my friend, Tony, lent me a book he had which was one part history of the Cedar Valley, one part geography, one part geology, and one part about how humnas traversed this area from […]
In Case You Forgot- It's Still Spring! 04-12-2021
Got those 650B tires set up over the weekend. Remember when I was telling you it was too dry and that I had been riding in shirt-sleeves, and that it was in the 70's? Well, about that....... nature has a way of balancing out, and well, it is still Spring! We […]
Trans Iowa Stories: It's About The People; Part 2 04-11-2021
 "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject by going back to earlier Sunday posts on this blog. Thanks and enjoy!In this special edition of Trans Iowa […]

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