Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted Productions

Guitar Ted writes from Waterloo, Iowa in a "bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating". He works as a bicycle mechanic for Europa Cycle and Ski in Waterloo, and is into off-road endurance cycling.

Guitar Ted is involved in organizing and promoting a number of endurance events, including the annual Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race (a 300+ mile non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa) and the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational.

Web Site: g-tedproductions.blogspot.com
Location: Waterloo, IA [map]

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Tandem Update 10-25-2016
Making a few changes and tuning it up.I made the news known a few weeks back that I had obtained a tandem bicycle from a generous individual who reads the blog here. This bike's  purpose is to bring my reluctant daughter into the world of riding a bicycle. […]
The Four County Tour 10-24-2016
The gravel was mostly pulverized by the recent harvest machine traffic. Saturday I woke up kind of late, but I knew I wanted to ride. It was going to be a gorgeous Fall day, and missing out on something like a day like that was unacceptable. So, I decided I would do a modification […]
Minus Ten Review- 42 10-22-2016
A 2007 Fisher Paragon with an example of the first Fox 29'er fork madeTen years ago on the blog I made a very simple, honest request and posted the following title to kick it off: "Mid-West 29"er Get Together In '07?"Ya know how sometimes you look […]
Friday News And Views 10-21-2016
Crushing leaves with ElwoodTerrene Tires Elwood:I just got a set of some new tires from another new tire brand named Terrene Tires. While you may not have have heard about this company you likely know one of the guys behind it. (Read about that HERE) These are tires being […]
Buzzard Restoration 10-20-2016
Unflat tires, new crank set, different front derailleur = Ready!Now for something completely different! I haven't been messing much with any of my mountain bikes for quite some time. I've just been way too busy getting ready for gravel road events or testing something […]
So, This Popped Up Again 10-19-2016
Greg Gleason is attempting an ITT of the TIMP this weekend.The thing was dead. I ran it for one Summer, a mere three months, and then it was over. I figured I'd never have to say anything about it again. However; in one post on Facebook, the whole Trans Iowa Masters […]
The Last Flowers 10-18-2016
I've said it before, and I probably will say it again many times here. I like flowers. This year, 2016, has been an amazing year for wild flowers. The ditches exploded in Spring with various colors and were pretty good up until about a month ago. Then the flowers in […]
Trans Iowa v13: Registration Update 10-17-2016
A previously unreleased image from the Trans Iowa v13 course! WooHoo!I thought I should take this opportunity to do a long form update on the registration process so far. I cannot really do this with the limited space available to me on the Trans Iowa site.I was not sure […]
Trans Iowa v13: Recon Report 10-17-2016
A sleepy Grinnell Iowa under sullen skies.Let's see now, just how many of these missions have I been on? Too many to count. In some ways, they all start to look the same. Get up at "O-dark-thirty", get organized, hop in the truck, and for the fifth time, pick […]
Minus Ten Review- 40 & 41 10-15-2016
"29"er of the Show" for '06's I-Bike according to G-TedFirst of all, apologies for missing this post last week. I was kind of busy at a wedding, so there!Anyway, ten years ago this week and last, things were really taking shape to be what they would […]

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