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Missouri Seeks Advocacy Action

The Missouri Bicycle Federation and Let’s Go KC are asking for your help in some upcoming bicycle advocacy efforts:

  • Hwy 45 Bike/Ped Access: MoDOT is building a new highway through Parkville, Missouri (just north of Kansas City). Guess what? Their plans for accommodating bicycling and walking are inadequate, plus they forgot to include any funding for them. Send email to MoDOT.

  • Paseo Bridge Bike/Ped Access: MoDOT is building a new quarter billion dollar bridge in the heart of Kansas City. It could provide the first safe bicycle/pedestrian crossing of the Missouri River near downtown Kansas City. Advocacy groups have been working on this for years and now it’s going to move or die forever in the next month or so. Send email to MoDOT or attend the groundbreaking ceremony and show your support for this vital link.

  • Bicycling License Plate: Many other states have ‘Share the Road with Bicycles’ license plates. Why not Missouri, too? In 1 minute you can show your support. Express your interest in Missouri Bicycling License Plates.

Learn more from MoBikeFed: Hwy 45–Stop MoDOT from building another road without good bike/ped accommodations, Bicycle to the Paseo Bridge Groundbreaking April 18th

Learn more from Let’s Go KC: Paseo Bridge Groundbreaking, Take Action! – Paseo Bridge and Route 45

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