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Kansas: Cycling Nirvana

Victor Weinreber is riding his bicycle around the world, and has so far been on the road for just over a year. In that time he’s made his way from the Appalachians westward across the United States, then down the west coast and into Mexico. Recently he’s traveled up from Mexico, through Texas and Louisiana, and northeasterly on the Natchez Trace.

Victor has written about his journey on his crazyguyonabike journal, BikEarth – 3 year ride around planet Earth.

In One year down…: A few more to go…, Victor reflects on his trip so far:

Often I get asked “What has been my favorite place to ride?”. Kansas… This draws some interesting reactions, but other touring cyclists seem to understand what the motorists don’t… Kansas isn’t about beautiful views, although it is scenic in its own way, it is about the people. Also for me what really put it over the top was the policy of allowing touring cyclists to camp for free in the city parks, and also to allow us to use the pools and showers for free, but that’s not all! Just like people’s front doors, their WIFI signals were unsecured, which combined with power outlets in the city parks made for some great online connectivity!

His worst state so far? Colorado. “While it was very scenic the people were rude, the drivers were downright hostile, the roads not well suited to cycling, all the land was fenced or posted and the price of food was also very high. It seems odd to me that the best and worst places on this trip so far have been right next to each other!”

Victor passed through Kansas in late June and early July last year, arriving in time to get caught in the widespread flooding in southeastern Kansas, spending Independence Day in Eureka, then catching some friendly tailwinds in the western part of the state.

Here are a few of his journal entry titles, just to give you a flavor of his Kansas experience: “Don’t believe motorists, Kansas does have hills!”, “Cruising through the Flint Hills”, “Cycling nirvana”, “The straight but not so narrow road…”, “Is this heaven? No, but its close, its Kansas…”.

Suffice it to say, Victor enjoyed his time in Kansas…

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