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Kansas Ultra-Cycling Records

Ultra Marathon Cycling AssociationThe Ultra Marathon Cycling Association is an organization that challenges cyclists to perform feats of endurance bicycling that many people would consider insane, if not completely impossible, such as the Race Across America. But with cyclists, few challenges are impossible, given enough training and perseverance.

The UMCA maintains endurance bicycling records for each state in America. Here are the record-holders for Kansas:

West to east, from Colorado to Missouri, starting at Tribune and ending at Lousiburg:

  • Tim Parks of McPherson, on July 4, 1993 covered 417.7 miles in 29 hours and 52 minutes, at an average speed of 13.99 MPH.
  • Men 50-59: Byron Rieper of Overland Park, on May 20, 2000 covered 428.4 miles in 25 hours and 50 minutes, at an average speed of 16.58 MPH. read story

South to north, from Oklahoma to Nebraska, starting at Liberal and ending at Cedar Bluffs:

  • Nick Gerlich of Canyon, TX, on June 4, 1994 covered 229.2 miles in 8 hours and 19 minutes, at an average speed of 27.56 MPH.
  • Mixed Tandem: Tom Parks & Lauren Sill, on June 20, 1995 covered 236.6 miles in 9 hours and 16 minutes, at an average speed of 25.53 MPH.
  • Recumbent: Sara Kay Carrell of Hays, on October 1, 2006 covered 229.5 miles in 12 hours and 18 minutes, at an average speed of 18.66 MPH. read story
  • Two-women recumbent team: Sara Kay Carrell & Gay Flax of Hays, on May 27, 2007 covered 229.5 miles in 10 hours and 34 minutes, at an average speed of 21.71 MPH.

Congratulations to the record-holders!

Who’s next to take up the challenge? How about you?

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