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Bikes Hot in Hutchinson

According to The Hutchinson News:

High gas prices and economic stimulus checks have shifted local bicycle business into high gear.

“There has definitely been a noticeable increase in sales because of gas price awareness,” said Bob Updegraff, owner of Harley’s Bicycles. “It’s not just new sales, but repairs are also up. And accessories are up – fenders and baskets and bag racks – anything that lets you take laptops and lunchboxes to work.”

Just outside the window of his Main Street shop, Updegraff has watched bicycle traffic more than triple in recent weeks, commuters now pedaling past on a regular basis during rush hour.

“It’s a direct relation to the gas prices,” he said.

While higher prices at the pump are a definite motivation behind the increase in bike sales, government stimulus checks are also providing incentive for people to purchase new bikes, repair old ones or buy accessories to begin commuting, Updegraff said.

“Stimulus checks are being used at our store,” he said. “Some people are very forward about the fact they are using their checks. Because of high gas prices, people are staying at home, buying bikes and spending their money in Hutchinson,” he said.

“Bikes are hot” is a theme that has become a common one in news stories from around the country and the region, but this is one of the first I’ve seen from this part of Kansas.

What are bicycle sales like in your area? Are the folks at your local bike shop smiling wearily?

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One response to “Bikes Hot in Hutchinson”

  1. John B. says:

    Thanks for this. As you note, I have yet to see anything like this article in Wichita, though the folks at Bicycle X-Change can certainly attest to the increase in foot traffic (I’ve asked them). It seems to me that it’d be an easy story to write . . .
    Time to fire off an e-mail to the Eagle’s editor, methinks.