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MTB Heaven in Nebraska?

A new blog, Potters Pasture MTB, has sprung up to document the mountain biking opportunities at “Potters Pasture”, located in the hills south of Brady, Nebraska. According to blogger CQ:

Potters PastureWe decided that Potters Pasture is such a special area to ride that it deserves a blog! I have been riding and working on trails at the area for 6 1/2 yrs. now. It just keeps getting better! I was lucky enough to be pointed towards Potters by a gal by the name of Patty Evans who has a shop in North Platte called CycleSport. I asked about singletrack and she gave me directions to this place called Potters Pasture. The original crew has been riding the area off and on for around 16 years from what I’ve heard. We have a spring and fall gathering every year with attendance from 10 to 50 people. Its always a good time at Potters . The trails have everything for all abilities from beginner to expert.

When you check out the blog, be sure to read the Cows as Trail Builders post:

Potters Pasture teaches a rider many things, one of which is that Cows are crazy trail builders. When they decide upon a route, they stick to it regardless of how illogical. They typically take the shortest distance between watering holes or open pasture. Which is usually straight up or down an impossibly steep hill.

Here’s the thing about Potters: These trails are narrow, rutted, rooty, wide open, surprisingly tight, and anything else you can imagine. They are raw and constantly changing. The elements contribute, but the cows walk where they choose. This place is pure MTB heaven. Don’t expect manicured race trails, be prepared for trails that will test your equipment and ability to steer precisely. Thousands of acres of pure MTB bliss just a handful miles away from I-80, hidden in the center of Nebraska. If you think Nebraska is flat, this place will change your perspective.

Sounds like a great place to ride a bike, and next year it will host the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, a two-day celebration of big wheels and mountain bikes (more info from Guitar Ted).

Thanks to the Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club for the tip.

For directions and information about Potter’s Pasture, contact Patty Evans at Cycle Sport in North Platte at (308) 530-1897.

Photo credit: Mitch Kline

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