Twittering Cyclists of the Midwest

TwitterKansas Cyclist has been offering a Twitter Feed for some time now, and with a growing number of Twitter users from Kansas and our neighboring states, I thought it would be interesting to try to list as many as I could.

Kansas Tweeters

Arkansas Tweeters

Colorado Tweeters

Iowa Tweeters

Missouri Tweeters

Nebraska Tweeters

Oklahoma Tweeters

Some of these are shops, clubs, and media, some are racers, some are promoters, some are just regular folk. Although this is a pretty big list, I’m sure it’s far from comprehensive. But hopefully you’ll find some people on this list to follow and learn more about.

Why does this matter? It’s about building connections between each other; it’s about building community…

If you’re looking for someone specific on Twitter, Twitter Search and TweetGrid are two useful tools. Also, check out the list of Bike Trade Tweeters from (@carltonreid), which inspired this list.

If you are a Twittering cyclist in Kansas or the immediate region, and would like to be on this list, just follow @kansascyclist on Twitter, or leave your Twitter name in the comments…

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4 responses to “Twittering Cyclists of the Midwest”

  1. Great post Randy…I wish I would have thought of doing this

  2. B.J. Smith says:

    Ditto! Great idea. I follow some of these folks already, and will now be adding some more.

  3. […] over at posted an article called Twittering Cyclists of the Midwest with links to a lot of people’s Twitter accounts in the Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and […]

  4. Sean Staggs says:

    I’d love to add myself @seanstaggs and the Mid America Chapter’s twitter too @bikemskc

    Great list – very helpful & useful!!!