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91-Year-Old Lincoln Cyclist Gets New Bike

A Lincoln, Nebraska organization known as MAD DADs — Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder — is well-known in Lincoln for giving bikes to children in need. But recently the group came to the aid of a 91-year-old man when it gave him a brand new three-wheeled bike:

Clarence Osborn recently walked three miles from his home to the Lincoln headquarters of MAD DADs – or Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder. He explained he was looking for a bike with a low frame. The frame on his old bike had broken, causing him to fall often when tried to ride it.

That’s not good for a nonagenarian who relies on a bike to get around. Group president Don Coleman noted that a woman had just donated a brand new, three-wheeled bike. On Monday, the group surprised Osborn with that bike.

Osborn’s first trip on the bike? The three miles home. [ read more ]

Clarence says its important for him to have a sturdy bike because its his main source of transportation. He says that with a bike like this, he doesn’t plan on tipping over anytime soon.

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