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Complete Streets in Garden City?

The Garden City Comprehensive Plan endorses Complete Streets and possible bike/ped improvements in Garden City, Kansas:

Garden City Comprehensive PlanIt’s more than just how and where you drive your car everyday. Rather, it’s a holistic approach to how you move about the community. We need to plan for other modes of travel so that all members of the community can move about safely and conveniently. Garden City should continue to implement elements of “Complete Streets”.

The City should continue to enact policies that will reduce demand on existing infrastructure by promoting shorter commute time between citizens and their employers with more compact, pedestrian oriented designs, such as multi modal commute alternatives (i.e. extension of existing walking trails, and bike paths).

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One response to “Complete Streets in Garden City?”

  1. John B. says:

    I keep reading this, thinking I’m missing something. I had a quick look at the master plan, too.

    I’m both stunned (in a good way, of course) and just a bit embarrassed that Garden City and Topeka have or may soon adopt complete streets policies, but Wichita . . . ?