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Colorado Springs Road Rager Threatens Cyclist with Handgun

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, an altercation between a motorist and cyclist resulted with police arresting the driver:

Colorado Springs Police say a road rage incident between a driver and a bicyclist Monday escalated into a brief standoff and ended with a man being arrested.

Curtis Scrivner, 46, was arrested about 4:30 p.m. Monday after an argument with a bicyclist near the intersection of Old Farm Drive and Old Farm Circle West.

A bicyclist told police that he was riding his bike on Austin Bluffs Parkway when Scrivner, who was driving a Jeep Cherokee, started yelling at him for riding his bike in the road. A little bit later, they both stopped at an intersection and continued the exchange. At some point the bicyclist said Scrivner pulled out a weapon that he believed was a small handgun. The bicyclist used his phone to take pictures of Scrivner’s license plate.

Scrivner tried to take the bicyclist’s phone, but he was able to ride away and call police. A short time later, police found Scrivner in the backyard of his nearby home. He ran into his house, but eventually surrendered to police. He was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing and aggravated robbery.

Read more from the Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado Connection, and KKTV.

Chill, people. It’s really not that hard to co-exist … is it?

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3 responses to “Colorado Springs Road Rager Threatens Cyclist with Handgun”

  1. Rob says:

    It’s tough sometimes to resist the urge to get even..I had a kid in a “Fast and Furious” car buzz by me so close I felt the hairs on my leg touch his car..I caught up with him at an intersection, didnt even look his way, but I wanted to kick the livin S**t out of him..sometimes cooler heads prevail.

  2. Wayne says:

    Maybe your cooler head encouraged this kid to get even closer to the next cyclist. I find it exasperating that this stick your head in the sand mentality will make these dangerous actions just go away.

  3. Dale says:

    I prefer the “Don’t humiliate, Educate” approach. My last such incident involved a school bus crowding me out approaching a round-about. I called police, reported the bus number. The driver only 4 blocks away at a high school and received a citation for failing to yield in front of the kids. At the court hearing, she said if she was found guilty she’d be fired. I offered the court that if she took and passed a “Sharing the Road with Bicyclists” class from a certified bicycling instructor, I’d drop charges. She did. Additionally, afterwards the instructor said he presented the course to the whole bus company’s fleet drivers. So not only one learned something, the whole company learned how to share the road.

    Now if someone pulls a gun, that’s when I take the “Don’t get back, get even” solution. Send’m to jail, pull their license and don’t let them have it till they’ve rode their bike in traffic for a year after taking all the LAB courses on cycling.