4-Year-Old On Bike Killed in Blue Springs

Rent-A-Center Truck Kills BoyA 4-year-old boy riding a bicycle with training wheels was hit and killed by a delivery truck May 8th in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Mason P. McBride died when the truck hit him and ran him over in the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived. The truck was a delivery vehicle for Rent-A-Center, and was driven by a 21-year-old from Lee’s Summit, who said he did not see the small child on his bike.

The driver remained at the scene and was taken to police headquarters for questioning, though police characterized the child’s death as a β€œtragic accident,” and the driver will not face charges.

“To our knowledge the driver was not impaired during our investigation. I think it was just a mistake. The little boy just crossing the street and the truck being bigger and the driver maybe not paying one hundred percent attention like we all do sometimes, and didn’t see the little boy until it was too late,” Officer Jeremy Dickstein with the Blue Springs Police Department said.

Police said the driver was “devastated” by what had happened.

The boy’s family planned a vigil for Mason at their apartment complex Friday night.

Read more: Kansas City Star, MyFox Kansas City, KCTV-5, KMBC-TV9.

Photo courtesy KCTV-5.

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24 responses to “4-Year-Old On Bike Killed in Blue Springs”

  1. kaylee waller says:

    i new mason mcbride he was my friend and i miss him alot and i can not believe he died i saw the hole thing i was right by the trash can when he got hit i told him to move but the rent a center truck was right there so he did not here me. hi my name is kaylee waller i am 12 years old amd i approve this message i live in bluespring in the villas of audomn bend where he got hit mason mcbride had a brother named marcus mcbride and 2 step brothers those are bob he is 5 years old has not started school yet and ryan who is 12 years old my age but he is in 6th grade and i am in 7th grade and anna who is 7 years old shes in 1 grade and step mom is bobby and the real moms name is bobby to and his dad name is mike and well i miss him so i hope you cry about this message

  2. i miss mason Mcbride alot i can feel when he is with me i can hear him in my head he tells me things that makes me happy like he tells me two say hi to his father and his brother hi im kaylee waller again and i aprove this message and these messges are hert full to me because he was so young to dye so i am getting off and i hope you do not cry like me right now at 11.19 on nov24 i think

  3. ok so its almost time for masons birthday i think and we are going to see him at his funeral and im just not ok you know since he died and i am just crying so badly so i hope you guys cry about this

  4. ok so its me again kaylee waller and masons family is doing fine they are still sad that mason died and so am i so i will type in atleast tomorrow

  5. hi its kaylee again i just want to say that i think mason is a ghost i here his voice everyday talking to me saying i miss you very much and i miss him to i dedicate this song to mason mcbride it is called wait for you by elliot yasmen go on youtube and look it up and miley cyrus the climb well i well type you guys soon have a good day

  6. austin riczo says:

    hi im austin riczo, ryans best friend and like a brother to that whole family. i was the first person to see mason after the acident. it was terible cause i was only 13.

  7. i am still sad no matter what i will never be nice because this boy died i have been threw lots of stuff and this made me worse i am sorry god but you took the wrong boy you should of token me instead of mason πŸ™ :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( god you are just evil i am not gonna trust you at all πŸ™ god it is not your fault :*(

  8. kaylee waller says:

    Hi my name is Kaylee Nikole Waller. i hope my little friend Mason Is doing Ok in heaven he was sooo young he was 4 years old and got hit by a Rent a Center truck :/ and that little boy brung joy too my life. bur hes gone and im never gonna Forget him <3

  9. I miss him He should be 6 or 7 this year. ):

  10. Kaylee waller says:

    Hello. I just wanted toi say mason was a amazing little kid. He was so bright such a perfect little kid. God takes kids for reasons but why such a amazing little boy. God bless mason mccbride the one and only kid that I really cared about.

  11. Dustin Cole Yeggy says:

    Dear, Kaylee i know how hard it is to lose some one dear to you truly πŸ™ but i am and more people are here to help you kaylee <3 i bet he was a amazing boy but never let go of him even if knowing and remembering him makes you sad he help shaped your life kaylee everyone in this life shapes someone's life like me <3

    Sincerely Dustin Cole Yeggy

  12. Kaylee nikole waller says:

    dustin : yeah I know I wont let him go. Like I wont let you go cause ily like alot

  13. Dustin Cole Yeggy says:

    Kaylee Nikole Waller: everyone in life has a rough time in it or it has a good time but we have to cherish those that are good and heal from the bad and hopefully we + everyone does heal from this horrible event but never the less you have to cherish the time you spend with someone more than you think and that doesn’t mean do things that are wrong and preverted and so on……….but here is a thing what would happen if i did how would any one feel well at first i listened to a song that is sad were it says no one but my mother and the rest of the family would care which means no one would care if i did die but there for some people will care cause i’m told i’m smart and they would miss me for being like that well i don’t think i’m smart cause well i only know so much and do so much :/ stupid brain working at 20-30% i need 100% πŸ˜› oh well better than 1% lol love ya haha

  14. kaylee waller says:

    Dear Dustin I agree with all of that besides the nobody caring when you die. I care! If you die I die. Your my world and I don’t wanna lose you

  15. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    Live is life, people get hurt people die, It is not Gods fault that people get hurt or die, lots of people think that its God’s fault because God made them, and then decides to take them out, but when God says they are ready then they are ready to go be with God, im always wondering why God chooses to take the people out that matters to me, i never mean to hurt people or hurt myself, or even my mom, yesterday was her birthday and ya know i made a mistake and started to yell at her back because she was yelling at me and Jess, Jessica told me to stop yelling or your gonna make it worse, but i did, it feels like life isnt just about you, its about the other people around you and the people that matters to you, the people that understood me and helped me threw life is you and Karen, yeah maybe some exboyfriends have but they left, God always has a reason to why hes putting and taking out, my quote is * some storys dont have a clear beginning, middle, and end, life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing whats gonna happen next.. <3
    So God took little Mason for a reason, and im just gonna have to realize that he takes people for a reason, Love ya reply back if you wanttt.

  16. dustin cole yeggy says:

    Dear kaylee nikole waller

    I love you to and I hope to lord you know that and as the truth and please find a way to text me or call or something I miss you already and um you can text my number or email either way I hope nothing bad happened I have been worried and lol I’m trying to cook xD (shocker) and I have always told you the truth kaylee that’s mainly what I want from you is trust and stuff but I love you have a good day and keep your head up high you know I’m here for you

  17. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    Thank youu =)
    and i just texted you lol.
    but cant call right now cause im in class <3
    Love Always, Your Luv, Kaylee Nikole Waller. (:

  18. dustin cole yeggy says:

    Lol thanks :3

  19. kaylee waller says:

    your welcome Dustin Cole Yeggy :))

  20. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    i wish i could take back the past…and make it int a better one dustin, never meant for any pain..

  21. dustin cole yeggy says:

    Kaylee……I don’t get why you didn’t be truthful to me…..and I don’t know if to your dating someone or not…….I’m scared and hurt and I feel as if I lost yo……

  22. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    dustin you will never lose me remember that, you will always be in my heart i can never stop thinking about you, i love you alot, and you will never have any idea on how much i do and how much you mean to me, i was thankful to God for bringing you in my life cause if it wasnt for you, i would have to suffer everyday, sometimes i do because your not here but thats life, one day i hope i get to see you again, you are literly my world and you could never lose me dating somebody or no dating somebody i love you, and good morning to you Gorgeous

  23. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    i will try and call you at lunch i have to leave and go to next class Yayy

  24. Kaylee Nikole Waller says:

    i feel sick, and kinda upset cause im trying to let mason free out of my heart but its hard to let him go, exspecially when i have to go to this site and see mason’s page :/