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Bicyclist Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver In Wichita

A bicyclist in Wichita was struck and killed by a car on Sunday, May 20th, and the driver fled the scene. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and driver.

According to KAKE:

Wichita Police are searching for the driver of a car involved in a deadly hit and run accident. Just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to a call of a person on a bicycle who was hit by a car in the 1900 block of South Seneca.

Wichita Police Sgt. Kenneth Kimble says a witness saw a white car driving north on Seneca swerved suddenly. The witness then found an injured man lying in the street. The unidentified man was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

KAKE says that Wichita Police think the vehicle is a “four-door, mid- to full-sized car with damage to its front bumper, hood, right headlight and possibly windshield”. They say that anyone with knowledge of the collision, or the vehicle, should call 911.

KWCH reports that “a car traveling north on Seneca Street hit a man in his late 40’s, who was riding his bike in the north bound lane. The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where he later died.”

None of the reports so far have revealed whether the bicycle was equipped with required reflectors and lighting, or where he was riding in the street.

Since the driver left the scene, alcohol or drugs are expected to be a factor, and the Tougher Hit-and-Run Law that went into effect last year would presumably apply, making the crime a felony, with presumptive prison time.

The victim’s name has not yet been released.

Update: Kansas.com reports that “Police think the bicyclist was going north in the curb lane when he was struck from behind. The bicycle apparently had a rear reflector, although it’s not clear if it was operating, and possibly a flashlight mounted to the front.”

Update, May 23rd:

A careful review of surveillance video revealed not one but two different vehicles struck a man riding a bicycle on South Seneca on Saturday night, police said Wednesday.

The victim, 49-year-old John B. Fuqua, was killed in the collision, Lt. Joe Schroeder said. The first vehicle, a white four-door sedan, hit Fuqua from behind as he was riding north next to Aley Park, which is south of Harry.

The second vehicle, a light-colored low-profile SUV, ran over Fuqua about 20 seconds later as he lay in the curb lane of northbound Seneca, Schroeder said.

The SUV “slowed down almost to a stop and then continued on,” he said.

Forensic evidence confirmed that Fuqua was struck by two vehicles, he said. Police are still looking for both drivers. [read more]

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2 responses to “Bicyclist Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver In Wichita”

  1. Bill Penland says:

    Horrible. I hope they catch this SOB and put him away.

    I was in Florida (Jacksonville) recently on vacation + business, and while I was there, a bicyclist was struck and killed in Jacksonville. There was a group of 3-4 cyclists out for a morning ride (if I recall correctly) and one of them was struck and killed. I don’t think it was a hit and run in that case.

  2. Randy Rasa says:

    “Wichita Police have arrested a 20-year-old man for the fatal hit-and-run-that claimed the life of a man riding a bicycle. The suspect was booked into the Sedgwick County jail and is being held on suspicion of vehicular homicide and felony hit-and-run. Wichita Police say the man arrested was the driver of the first vehicle. They are still looking for the driver of the second.”

    The identity of the arrested driver was not released. read more