Lawrence River Trails

Lawrence River Trails

The River Trails are a city park in North Lawrence maintained almost exclusively by Lawrence Mountain Bike Club volunteers. This very popular trail is used by bikers and runners year-round.

The trail consists of a 9-mile loop of mostly fast, hard-packed dirt singletrack with some roller coaster hills, some twisty, narrow sections, and a few log obstacles. It's a good trail for beginners, or a fast and intense workout for more advanced riders.

The park entrance and parking lot is just off 8th & Oak streets in North Lawrence. The trail has separate marked entrances for bicycles and pedestrians, directing each group on their appropriate one-way loop. Bicycles should take the clockwise route.

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Lawrence River Trail - The trail runs through open grassy areas and among vine-covered trees. Lawrence River Trail - There are a few obstacles, including this log pile. Lawrence River Trail - The trail passes beneath some downed trees, making short leafy tunnels. Lawrence River Trail - There are some large trees along the trail, including these big 'ole Cottonwoods. Lawrence River Trail Entrance - The entrance to the Lawrence River Trail, just east of the trailhead parking lot, next to the boat ramp.

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Last Update: February 3rd, 2014