Perry Lake Bike Trail

Perry Lake Bike Trail

Located on the west side of Perry Lake, in Perry State Park, the Perry Lake Mountain Bike Trails were designed and built specifically for serious mountain biking (advanced skills). Most area riders describe the trail as more "physical" than "technical". There are nearly 24 miles of singletrack trail and 2 miles of old abandoned campground roads.

The trail consists of many hills, tight turns, off-camber sections, and fast and technical rocky sections. Individual sections of the trail are marked with names corresponding to the map and blazed in blue and white. In general, white sections are more technical than the blue, though some blue areas are still considered difficult. Sections include:

  • Skyline - Blue - This easy/moderate 3.5-mile loop starts and ends at the trailhead. It connects the 3 hill tops in the Delaware area of the State Park and accesses other sections of the trail.

  • Wild West - White - This easy/moderate 1-mile section connects the trailhead to the intersection of Great White and Skyline.

  • Great White - White - This difficult 2.5-mile loop descends below Skyline with many rocky steep sections.

  • Mad Mile - White - This difficult 1-mile loop descends below Skyline on a long rocky descent and then climbs back to Skyline.

  • Blackfoot - Blue - This difficult 2.5-mile section has several steep switchbacks that make it more difficult than other blue sections, otherwise it is a moderate section. This section ends where the trail crosses a service road. There are also several unmarked trails that short cut downhill to Logan's run.

  • Logan's Run - White - This moderate/difficult 2-mile section runs parallel to Blackfoot but closer to the shore. There is a mostly steep off camber section that ends at the service road, and several unmarked trails short cut uphill to Blackfoot.

  • Twin Peaks - Blue - This moderate 2.5-mile section between the service road and the abandoned asphalt camp road in Grasshopper Point campground includes rolling climbs some technical terrain.

  • Copper Head - White - This difficult 2.2-mile section between the service road and the abandoned asphalt camp road in Grasshopper Point campground includes lots of rocky off camber terrain.

  • Carlyle - White - This moderate 2-mile loop is north of 74th street, crosses the camp road, and uses a small section of gravel road near the shore.

  • Kid Rock - This is a 1/4-mile self-contained, very easy loop for the kids, located at the trail head.

The Perry Lake Trails were built and are maintained by volunteers from the Kansas Trails Council.

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