Skyline Park: Burnett's Mound Trails

Skyline Park: Burnett's Mound Trails

The Skyline Park: Burnett's Mound Trails are located in Topeka, Kansas. Burnett's Mound is a prominent bluff top on the south edge of Topeka that is a local landmark. Burnett's Mound is the highest elevation in Topeka, and offers a panoramic view of the entire city. The park has a mix of native grasslands and wooded areas that transform into a gorgeous wildflower display beginning in June. A hiking/mountain biking loop trail takes you from the park entrance up a wooded slope and into the grassland area at the peak.

There are several miles of hiking and biking trails at Skyline Park. The trails are designed and maintained by the Kansas Trails Council in collaboration with Shawnee County Parks & Recreation and the Westar Green Team.

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Location: Topeka, KS

Last Update: January 3rd, 2015