Cycling Through The Iowa Winter

Michael Chamberlain, owner of The Broken Spoke in Iowa City, Iowa, who commutes to work year-round, was recently profiled in his local newspaper, The Gazette:

Why would someone choose pedaling through the winter elements when they could drive?

“Being part of the solution instead of part of the problem is probably the biggest reason,” Chamberlain says of the environmental impact.

Plus, relying on a bike for transportation is cheaper than relying on a car, he says. The last time he pumped gas into his vehicle, it cost him only $1.60 a gallon. That was in November 2003.

“In the winter,” he adds, “it’s pretty much impossible to get stuck on a bike. You just pick it up and move it, and keep on riding. You don’t have to scrape a windshield. It allows me to be on my own schedule.”

There is also a video interview:

Hopefully one day stories such as Michael’s will be far more commonplace, as people begin to realize the advantages of bicycles as basic everyday transportation, regardless of the weather.

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