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Legislative News From Missouri

The Missouri Bicycle Federation is reporting that several new bicycle-related pieces of legislation are working their way through the Missouri house and senate:

  • Missouri “Complete Streets” Bill advances – Missouri’s “Complete Streets” bill, HB 2206, passed the House Rules Committee and is now on the House Consent Calendar. That means it is awaiting a vote of the full House. The nationwide Complete Streets movement is based on the idea that state, regional, and local agencies should plan, design, and build our transportation network to meet the needs of all users.

  • Dead Red for bicycles and Safe Passing of Bicycles provisions pass Missouri Senate – SB 761, a bill with two important provisions for bicyclists, was debated and passed the Missouri Senate. The “dead red” part of the bill allows motorcyclists or bicyclists who come to a traffic signal that will not change for them, to proceed through the signal, when safe, without any danger of receiving a traffic ticket. The “safe passing” part of the bill includes a provision that motorists may cross a solid yellow “no passing zone” line to pass bicyclists, when it is safe to do so. The idea is to encourage motorists to change lanes when passing, rather than trying to squeeze both a motor vehicle and a bicycle within a single lane of traffic. After passing the senate, the bill moves on to the House.

  • Safe Streets Bill has hearing in Missouri House – HB2205, the “Safe Streets” bill with enhanced penalties for those whose careless driving injures or kills, had a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and hard work to get bills proposed, written, sponsored, and moving forward. Thank you MoBikeFed, for your dedication in supporting this important legislation.

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One response to “Legislative News From Missouri”

  1. David Veatch says:

    I like that “Dead Red” bit. If there are cars coming, I’ll wait for the light to change for them before I go… but if not, I take the “No, I wouldn’t stop for a stop sign in the middle of nowhere if there were no cars in sight” approach.

    So far, I’ve not been cited, but unless this statute is present in Kansas as well, I reckon it’s only a matter of time.

    Oh, the other two aren’t bad either. 😉