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The Road To Health

The Jan/Feb 2008 issue of American Bicyclist contains an article titled “The Road To Health”, that profiles seven cyclists who’ve “battled a variety of illnesses, helped along by their dedication to cycling.”

One of the cyclists profiled is Bill Poindexter of Prairie Village, Kansas, who credits cycling with helping him lose more than 100 pounds and gain a healthier lifestyle:

In 2000, I weighed just over 400 pounds. I suffered from anxiety, shortness of breath, high blood sugar, and depression. I decided to turn my life around after looking in the the mirror and realizing I would not live very long or have a very high quality of life. I went to the doctor for a physical and got some medicine for the anxiety, and then started a walking and stationary biking program. I changed my diet as well, and within five months had lost 40 pounds. At that point I bought a bicycle.

I started to ride the bike for transportation as well as exercise. I was car free for two and a half years. Over that time, weight continued to come off, my anxiety decreased, I experienced no more shortness of breath, my blood sugar stabilized, and I no longer needed medication!

It is now January of 2008, and I weigh 265 pounds, and am in excellent health. I ride 6,000-8,000 miles a year for transportation, commuting, and exercise purposes…

Way to go, Bill!

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