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Manhattan Cyclists Seek Progress on Bicycle Plan

Bicyclists in Manhattan, Kansas recently went before the City Commission to encourage commissioners to implement the city’s Bicycle Master Plan.

Manhattan first drafted the Bicycle Master Plan in 1996, but has done little to actually put the plan into action. The plan calls for “a clear, cohesive guideplan to structure the future implementation of bicycle transportation facilities at Kansas State University and in Manhattan.” The goals of the plan include doubling the percentage of total trips made by bicycling and reducing by 10 percent the number of cyclists who are killed or injured in traffic crashes.

Cyclist speaking at the meeting included David Colburn, owner of The Pathfinder bike shop, who said “I believe the time has come to give more support to bicycles and pedestrians than we have been giving in the past.”

Another speaker was WAM-SAG-MAN Trail committee chair Diane Novak. “We are really looking forward to pieces, if not all, of the Bicycle Master Plan being implemented,” she said. “I hope you realize the importance that this has to help people out there trying to stay alive on bicycles.”

“We will put a priority on this,” Commissioner Bob Strawn said after hearing from those at the meeting, a statement that was met with nods of approval from the commissioners around him.

“I’d say overall we haven’t done a good job of implementing” the Bicycle Master Plan, city manager Ron Fehr said, agreeing that the city should work on that.

Read more: Public speaks on biking plan at the Manhattan Mercury.

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