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A Bicycle-Friendly Development in Manhattan, KS

Here’s an interesting story about a bicycle-friendly golf course community located in Manhattan, Kansas, from Victoria McKennan, Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Manhattan:

As Manhattan’s only master-planned golf course community, Grand Mere Development has generated interest with a variety of housing options, commercial opportunities, and almost 300 acres of land for recreational golf. What people may not know is that the plan includes an extensive bike path system intended to connect with the rest of Manhattan’s transportation network. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the development and sit down with Project Director Jerry Petty, to learn more about how bike paths are incorporated into the master plan.

How many miles of paths are included?

Approximately 4 miles of separate trails are already in place, and about 6-8 total miles have been planned.

Will the paths be open to all Manhattan residents?

Yes, all paths are public.

Why were bike paths important to include in the master plan?

Bicycle and pedestrian connections are important pieces of the transportation network. The owners of Grand Mere want a complete development; they did not want to leave an element of transportation out.

How do you justify the extra expense?

It doesn’t need to be justified. It’s just like asking, how do you justify a sewer system? Bike paths must be recognized as an essential part of the whole plan.

Some bike paths were built strictly by Grand Mere, and some were built as partnerships with the City. From the private perspective, we would like to see the cost-sharing continue. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Read more: Special Report: Grand Mere Sets Standard for Bicycle-Friendly Development

It’s not clear whether the paths they refer to are within the golf course, or adjacent to the golf course within the development. I’m assuming (hoping) that it’s the former, and if so, it’s good to see a golf course open up their paths to the public. Many courses have beautiful and scenic paths that are off-limits to ordinary citizens. This one is not only open to everyone, but connected to the city’s existing system of multi-use paths.

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One response to “A Bicycle-Friendly Development in Manhattan, KS”

  1. Diane says:

    The trails are within the Grand Mere Development (residential). Colbert Hills is the golf course that is located in Grand Mere.