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Manhattan Commissioners Consider Bike Safety

The Manhattan City Commission is moving forward with a redesign of McCall Road from Hayes Drive to East Poyntz (U.S. Highway 24). As part of the project, bicycle safety came up as a consideration:

Several commissioners, as well as members from the general public, expressed the need to incorporate bicycle paths into the completed design. That is not figured into the initial budget estimate.

“Manhattan needs to listen to its demand and that comes in the form of bicycle paths,” said commissioner Jim Sherow, who further expressed the need for sustainability and environmental awareness in the community.

“What’s the value of a life?” asked resident Tim Lindemuth during public comment. “I bike that road a lot and it is dangerous. There are many dropoffs and with more traffic, it will only get worse.”

Though it was unclear whether the drainage system would be affected if the roadway was expanded to include a bike lane, city manager Ron Fehr said sidewalks could be widened to support bicycle traffic. In the end, commissioner Bruce Snead suggested adding a bicycle path — either on a widened road or through expansion of the sidewalks — as a bid alternate.

Read more from the Manhattan Mercury.

If you live in Manhattan, it’s important to contact your city commissioners to express your concerns about bicycle safety in the city, and to make sure the commission follows through with this encouraging start.

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