No Naked Rides for Kansas

World Naked Bike RideThe time is near for the annual World Naked Bike Ride, in which people in cities around the world ride bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body, and to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.

The ride is a protest against oil dependency and body shame. The World Naked Bike Ride advocates and celebrates sustainable energy, environmentally-responsible living, human-powered transport and body-positive values.

Sadly (or perhaps not), there are no naked bike rides scheduled for Kansas.

However, the following cities in our region are offering naked bike rides in the coming months:

Or, if you’re not willing to travel, you can start your own World Naked Bike Ride. Good luck with that.

Some locales don’t take too kindly to naked bike riding. Recent examples include Durant, Oklahoma (nude cyclist charged for indecent exposure) and Kansas City, Missouri (Bare Biker Gets Busted).

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