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KC Trails Highlighted in DirtRag

KC Trails Highlighted in DirtRagThe july 2008 issue of DirtRag Magazine contains an articled titled “I-70 Ride Guide” that covers some of the trails positioned along Interstate 70 as it crosses the country from Maryland to Utah.

In addition to highlighting trails in Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, and Utah, the article shines the light on three of the prime trails in the Kansas City area, both on the Missouri and Kansas sides of the state line. Specifically:

  • Landahl in Blue Springs – “Unquestionably the crown jewel of the Kansas-Missouri corridor. Offering something for everyone, Landahl consists of a 9.5-mile perimeter loop; another ten or so additional miles of trails are interspersed within that perimeter. Fast, flowing singletrack, like Will’s Wanderer or Tasty Goodness, are big ring sort of trails. But riders also hit gnarly, technical, rock-root covered climbs and drops at Landahl, and there are even some big drops and insane downhill sections—Rim Job and Root Canal—for those who dare.”

  • BuRP (Blue River Parkway) in Kansas City – “If Landahl is this area’s crown jewel, then the BuRP trail is K.C. mountain biking’s bread and butter. This trail is located right in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, just 15 minutes from downtown and easily reachable from the surrounding suburbs. Most area mountain bikers cut their teeth on BuRP. More than twelve miles of trails makes it a perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon semi-epic or for a few hours of stress relief after work. In terms of terrain, this trail has everything Landahl has, just on a smaller scale.”

  • Kill Creek in DeSoto – “There are only five or six miles of trails in this county park, and it’s also the sort of trail that might frustrate beginners; 60% of it is brutally technical. Though my crew and I are by no means pros, most of us have at least five years of riding under our belts, yet there are still a few sections of Kill Creek that compel us to dismount and walk. Still, I’ve had some of my most memorable rides here. There is nothing like hitting this trail after work to unload all the day’s frustrations, though—since it is a bit of a hike from K.C. and more advanced—I’d only hit it if you’re confident in your technical skills and if you have the time to enjoy it. (Or if you’re a masochist who enjoys endo-ing face-plant style into a pillow of rocks.)”

The KC section of the article is written by local rider Mick Swanson, who also calls out EarthRiders for the good work they do designing and maintaining these trails (and many others).

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