Location: Arkansas

No Ticket For Teary Driver

From Beebe, Arkansas, where a left-hook collision between a motorcycle and a car injured the bike’s driver, and left his female passenger in a coma after she sustained a fractured skull, even though she was wearing a helmet.

The 18-year-old driver, of course, claimed he “didn’t see” the motorcycle, and was not issued a traffic citation. The Police Chief’s comment:

“You don’t have to issue a citation,” Ballew said. “What matters is what’s on the accident report. I think in this case the officer felt the young man operating the vehicle was emotionally upset and it probably wouldn’t have served any purpose.”


If you hit and nearly kill someone, just make sure you’re really, really “emotionally upset” about it, and you probably won’t face any consequences. Hey, it worked for William Johnson, too.

Read more from the Searcy Daily Citizen.

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