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Nearly $30 Million Impact from Tour of Missouri '08

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, Chairman of the Missouri Tourism Commission, has released the results of the 2008 Tour of Missouri Economic Impact Study:

“The 2008 Tour of Missouri was a great success,” said Lt. Governor Kinder. “This year’s race brought nearly $30 million of economic impact to our state,” said Lt. Governor Kinder. “I am extremely pleased with the success of this year’s Tour. Despite challenging weather during many days of the competition, and a weakened national economy, we were once again able to present the largest sporting event ever held in the State of Missouri. With the help of our countless volunteers and wonderful host cities, I am proud to report that the 2008 Tour of Missouri trumped the outstanding economic impact of last year’s race.”

In 2007, there were nearly 368,000 spectators who watched the race. This year, there were an estimated 434,000 spectators who saw the Tour at some time during the seven stages. The total economic impact by spectators during the seven day race was $29.8 million up from $26.2 million in 2007.

During the course of the seven day event, the average out-of-state visitor spent over $270 per day during their visit. And in planning their trip, 77% of non-Missourians said the Tour of Missouri was reason they came to spend time in Missouri. A total of 72% of spectators rated the Tour of Missouri more highly than any other professional sporting event they had attended in the previous 12 months.

The Tour of Missouri also provides the state with a unique opportunity to showcase Missouri to a global audience via streaming video on the Internet.

In 2007, the Tour’s official website, www.tourofmissouri.com, received hits from visitors in 73 different countries. This year, that tally was nearly doubled with hits from139 countries around the globe. There were also over 1,000 photo and video uploads on the Tour social networking site, www.tourofmissourifanzone.com.

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