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2009 Tour of Missouri To Go On As Planned

It looks like the scare over possible cancellation of this year’s Tour of Missouri (Help Save the Tour of Missouri) is over, with Missouri deciding to live up to its obligations and fund the tour. According to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon:

2009 Tour of Missouri PosterMissouri currently faces tremendous financial challenges, and the state must find ways to reduce spending. Even as my administration continues to tighten its belt, I believe that the 2009 Tour of Missouri should go forward. The race will go on this year, and Missourians deserve to know that state funds for the event are used transparently and accountably. They should know precisely how money for the Tour of Missouri is being spent, and that the event is being run in a way that minimizes the cost to taxpayers.

To ensure transparency and accountability, I asked the Office of Administration to seek a full and fair explanation of all expenditures connected with the Tour of Missouri in 2007 and 2008, and of budgeted expenditures and contracts for 2009. A representative from the Office of Administration met today with representatives of the Department of Economic Development, the Division of Tourism and Tour of Missouri, Inc. Because of assurances from the Division of Tourism and the Tour of Missouri, Inc. that they are now willing to share records regarding spending on previous races and planned spending for this year’s race, the Office of Budget and Planning will immediately begin to provide state funds for the 2009 Tour of Missouri.”

It’s good to see this high-profile (and highly profitable for the state) event move forward. Canceling it at this late date would have been a disaster for the state and for bicycle racing fans worldwide.

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