Mississippi River Trail Highlighted in New Guidebook

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Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River TrailNearly 200 years ago, many towns began springing up along the Mississippi River shoreline to play host to the flatboats and steamboats that brought commerce up and down the great waterway.

Today, Bob Robinson says those towns can cater to touring bicyclists who pass through on the backroads and bicycle paths that make up the 3,000-mile Mississippi River Trail.

Robinson is a bicyclist from Fort Smith, Arkansas, who has just written and published the definitive guidebook — Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail — for bike travelers wanting to explore this historic route.

Mississippi River TrailThe Mississippi River Trail follows the Mississippi River from its headwaters in Itasca, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. The book guides you along the designated route, turn by turn, and includes information on the available services, points of interest, and history of the areas you pass through, so cyclists can better appreciate the communities and scenery along the route.

Bob Robinson has been an avid cyclist for over 25 years, and during this period he has raced both road and mountain bikes, organized races for both road and mountain bikes, built mountain bike trails, served as cycling club president, organized bicycle tours, and worked as a committee member for the National Trails Symposium.

Bob looks forward to meeting cyclists, and sharing stories with them around the campfire, during his future rides along the Mississippi River Trail, as he researches updates to the guidebook.

If you’re interested in exploring this amazing trail, you can purchase the guidebook from Bob Robinson or from Amazon.com.

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  1. Randy says:

    Bob Robinson, author of the “Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail,” wrote a guest article for Bicycle Touring Pro describing the Mississippi River Trail in some detail.