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New Trail Proposed for Hutchinson

From The Hutchinson News:

Outgoing Reno County Commission Chairman Larry Sharp is seeking $300,000 for a favorite project before his term ends in January.

At Sharp’s advocacy and with Commissioner Frances Garcia’s assent, the board signaled Wednesday tentative support for $700,000 in temporary notes for road improvements and a hike-bike trail from Hutchinson northeast to Sand Hills State Park.

Rising cost estimates for widening and improving Halstead Street, from Fourth to 11th Avenue, spurred the need for about $400,000. The remaining $300,000 could be used as seed money to attract a grant to help start the hike-bike trail, which Sharp has strongly supported.

“It really gets the ball rolling if you have some funding,” Sharp said.

Sand Hills State Park is a 1,123-acre natural area that provides a panorama of sand dunes, prairie, woodlands and wetlands. It features 14 miles of hiking, biking, and horse trails that weave in between 10 to 40 feet high sand dunes, through grasslands and trees, and around ponds.

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