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Road Rage In Tulsa

Jason Kearney of out here in the middle relates the story of a very scary road rage incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma involving his brother, Spencer, whose bicycle was hit by a car, which then sped away without stopping to help.

Spencer, who was not seriously hurt, took off after the car in an attempt to get the license plate numbers. But when the driver ran the next light, Spencer gave up the pursuit and returned to the trail.

Meanwhile, the driver had doubled back, parked in a lot along the trail, and after Spencer arrived, assaulted him, knocked him off his bike, and yelled obscenities while Spencer called the police.

The man took off before the police arrived, and is apparently still at large.

Read the complete story at My Brother Got Hit By a Car!

Weird story. Scary. But hardly unprecedented: Johnny Bondon convicted of assaulting two bicyclists on popular Kansas City bicycle route

Thanks to Ed W at CycleDog for the heads-up on this story. Ed’s also posted a fine article on what to do if you’re involved in a bicycle/vehicle accident: Good Advice.

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