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Lawrence May Add Bike Racks to Police Cars

The Lawrence, Kansas Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Protection is preparing a report that it hopes to present to Lawrence city commissioners sometime in March.

One of the proposals, among many, is “Equipping police cars with bike racks so that it would be easier for police officers to do bike patrols in the city.”

That certainly sounds like a sensible, effective, and inexpensive way to get more police officers using bicycles, which will increase the effectiveness of the police, and save fuel in the process.

It seems that a bike rack would be a very simple piece of equipment that should be available to nearly every police car, but I don’t recall having seen bike racks on any police cars in my community. Have you?

Read more from the Lawrence Journal-World.

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One response to “Lawrence May Add Bike Racks to Police Cars”

  1. This is a great idea.

    This could be good for another reason too. if the police find a couple of stolen bikes they would be able to take them right on their car. Its minor but it could help.