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Prominent Topeka Cyclists Injured

In two separate accidents, two prominent Topeka residents were injured while riding their bicycles over the weekend:

From WIBWWIBW GM Injured In Bicycle Accident:

Jim OgleWIBW Channels General Manager Jim Ogle was injured in a bicycle accident Saturday.

Many of Jim’s friends know him as a biking enthusiast strongly supporting the construction of bike lanes in the Capitol City.

Jim was riding his bicycle on Southwest 10th Saturday afternoon, when his tire hit a rough spot and he was thrown to the pavement.

He suffered cuts and scrapes, a finger injury and will have to have surgery on his left elbow. Jim says he was wearing a helmet which he believes prevented more serious injury.

Jim was at work Monday, but it’s expected he’ll be slowed from his usual high-energy pace for a few days.

Also from WIBWTopeka City Attorney Injured in Bike Accident:

Jackie WilliamsTopeka City Attorney Jackie Williams is sporting an unplanned fashion statement.

The city announced Tuesday that Williams suffered a fractured vertebra Sunday afternoon in a bicycle accident on the Shunga Trail. He was not wearing a helmet.

Williams said he will wear a neck brace for two or three months as a precaution and to aid in healing.

Williams is expected to make a full recovery. The city says he plans to return to work next week.

Williams pointed to his accident as a reminder to bicycle riders to wear a helmet regardless of the length of the ride or riding conditions.

See also: Bike crash hurts city attorney from the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Best wishes for a quick recovery, guys. Be careful out there, folks!

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One response to “Prominent Topeka Cyclists Injured”

  1. Bob Boyce says:

    Bike lanes wouldn’t have helped either of these two cyclists, would they?