The Frugal Cyclist, December 2009

The Frugal CyclistHere are some frugal bicycling links, just in time to save money for the holidays:

Becoming Your Own Massage Therapist

“Devices for self-massage have become more common as more people compete in endurance sports and, more recently, as the recession has made professional rubdowns look prohibitively expensive. While it’s hard to say how many people do self-massage, many athletes swear by it, and a growing range of products and how-to videos is available in stores and online. A foam roller, which costs about $25, is just one of a family of products, manufactured or improvised, that can relieve tight muscles.” [link]

DIY Bike Trailer

Lifehacker reports on a DIY Bike Trailer: “Riding your bike is all well and good, until you have to carry home more than 2 bags of groceries at a time. Toby from the DIY cyclist website Bike Hacks has assembled a pretty keen towing package for your wheels. Toby used parts easily found at your local hardware store. The trailer hooks to a wooden box that sits snug on the rear of the bike.” [link]

Be Green: Build A Cargo Bicycle!

Continuing with the utility theme, Chris Durr says Be Green: Build A Cargo Bicycle!: “With some plans, a few old parts from Craigslist, and some elbow grease, you’ll have a cargo bicycle in no time at all. If you’re looking for a creative way to sweat off a few pounds, and you’re interested in being kind to the environment, check out a cargo bicycle.” [link]

Going With the Glow: A Fall-Foliage Bike Ride

In Going With the Glow: A Fall-Foliage Bike Ride, the Frugal Traveler finds that “without a car and without spending a lot of money, we could have the kind of day that, in Rob Kelley’s words, you’d kill for.” [link]

Better health linked to active transportation

From New York City’s Health Department says Better health linked to active transportation, where “active transportation is any self-propelled mode of transportation to and from work or school, such as biking or walking. And, of course, improvements in health can have a huge economic benefit, both for individuals and society as a whole.” [link]

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