Fall 2009 Bicycle Friendly Businesses Announced

The League of American Bicyclists has announced their Fall 2009 Bicycle Friendly Business awards, and once again, Kansas has been shut out.

We’re still looking for our first Bicycle Friendly Business, but some of our neighbors are already on the list. Colorado has 7 Bicycle Friendly Businesses, Iowa 3, Arkansas 2, Missouri 2, and Nebraska 2. Oklahoma, like Kansas, has none.

Here’s the note from the League:

The League of American Bicyclists has announced 45 new Bicycle Friendly Business award winners, including two platinum winners, Bicycle Sport Shop of Austin, Texas and Quality Bicycle Products of Bloomington, Minnesota. This is the third BFB winner announcement since the program’s inception in 2008 when the League announced the first 13 designees.

“We are delighted so many businesses are using the BFB roadmap to encourage and enable their employees to ride – everyone from two-person neighborhood businesses to major corporations are getting on board,” stated League President Andy Clarke.

Bicycle Friendly Businesses make bicycle friendliness a core element in the workplace and use innovative tools to promote bicycling as an easy and fun option for transportation and recreation. “There are a lot of very simple, effective and creative ways that companies are finding to get people back on their bikes, and we recognize those efforts with our BFB awards,” said Clarke. The League encourages businesses to inspire their employees to bike to work by incorporating the fundamentals of the BFB program. “Companies across the country are recognizing that getting their employees moving – either to or from work, in course of work, or even in their own time – is good for business.”

The BFB program recognizes socially responsible businesses that promote healthy, happy, and green workplaces and provides a road map to become even more bicycle-friendly in the years to come.

Platinum-level Bicycle Sport Shop has noticed several benefits from supporting a bicycle friendly workplace, including improved employee health and fewer hours missed due to illness; reduced parking costs; improved lifestyle for employees; and improved morale for all staff. “We are providing life lessons for our employees, which help them improve their health and teach them how important it is to stay healthy,” said Leslie Luciano, Bicycle Sports Shop Advocacy Coordinator.

Platinum-level Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) has also noticed several benefits of joining the BFB program – including increased bike commuting. QBP counts bicycle commuting towards the exercise criteria of the company’s health care plan, and in 2008, 346 different employees combined to register 27,906 one-way trips for more than 327,000 total miles.

BFB winners provide amenities such as secure bike parking and shower facilities and motivations such as incentives to commute by bike, company bike rides and clubs, and bike to Work Week promotions. When bicycling is infused in a company’s culture, great things happen: reduced health care costs; more productive employees; improved worker and customer satisfaction; smaller carbon footprint; and increased corporate social responsibility. “Bicycling is a readily accessible and practical form of physical activity that has the added benefits of reducing congestion and the need for parking, reducing the carbon footprint of a business, increasing productivity, and raising morale,” said Clarke. “It’s also great fun.”

Applying as a BFB is easy and free. Applicants receive technical assistance from the League staff as well as tools to evaluate and assess their bicycle friendliness through the application process. The BFB application is available online at www.bicyclefriendlybusiness.org.

Here are the regional Bicycle Friendly Businesses:

  • New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO – Platinum 2009
  • CatEye North America, Boulder, CO – Gold 2009
  • REI St. Louis, St. Louis, MO – Gold 2009
  • Community Cycles, Boulder, CO – Silver 2008
  • Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, IA – Silver 2009
  • RDG Planning & Design, Omaha, NE – Silver 2009
  • Bike Tech, Cedar Falls, IA – Bronze 2009
  • Broken Spoke, Iowa City, IA – Bronze 2009
  • Chainwheel, Little Rock, AR – Bronze 2009
  • EnviroFriendly Lawn Care, Fort Collins, CO – Bronze 2009
  • Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Fort Collins, CO – Bronze 2009
  • Golden Bear Bikes, Broomfield, CO – Bronze 2009
  • Velocity Cafe & Cyclery, St. Louis, MO – Bronze 2009
  • Garver, Little Rock, AR – Honorary Mention 2009
  • National Park Service, Omaha, NE – Honorary Mention 2008
  • ProCycling, Colorado Springs, CO – Honorary Mention 2009

Congratulations to all the winners, and businesses from Kansas: Let’s get in the game!

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