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Biking Across Kansas 2010 Route Announced

Biking Across Kansas, the annual week-long supported tour across the Sunflower State, has announced their 2010 route:

Biking Across Kansas 2010 Route

The tour leaves Syracuse, near the Colorado border, on Saturday, June 5th, and arrives in Leavenworth, on the Missouri river, on June 12th.

The route covers about 478 miles, with overnights in Goodland, Colby, Hill City, Osborne, Minneapolis, Herington, Osage City, and Eudora.

Learn more at the Biking Across Kansas web site.

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3 responses to “Biking Across Kansas 2010 Route Announced”

  1. LEW says:

    I have heard many complaints from folks that the bikers are NOT riding single file on the highway when a car is approaching. I had to go in the next lane to safely pass three that were riding side by side. Please stress to all that it is very important for their safety to ride single file.

  2. Randy says:

    Well, you should be moving into the next lane to pass safely, but the law is “no more than two abreast”, so those riding three-up were definitely in the wrong.

    Although it’s legal for two cyclists to ride side by side in Kansas, most cyclists consider it courteous to move into single file as traffic approaches from the rear.

  3. Dave says:

    I am always amazed at cyclists who hog the lane when they don’t have to. No matter what the law is, get over as far as possible. I’ve even got in the ditch to be safe on narrow busy roads. Face it, car vs. bike = bad day. The law won’t help you heal or bring you back from the dead. Many motorists feel like bikes are a hazard and nuisance. Let’s not prove them right.