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Heritage Trail Opens in Olathe

Olathe Heritage TrailOlathe, Kansas is opening a new connector trail this weekend. The Heritage Trail is a 2.3-mile paved multi-use path that connects existing paths at Black Bob Park and Heritage Park.

Black Bob Park has a 1.4-mile gravel path, while Heritage Park contains about 3 miles of paved multi-use trails.

Olathe has a PDF map of the Heritage Trail (or just click the image on the right).

Unfortunately, there is no direct trail connection between the Heritage Trail and the popular Indian Creek Trail that passes nearby. The easiest way to get between the two is probably via the 143rd Street bike lanes.

Starting at 143rd (Sheridan St.) and Lindenwood Drive (where the Indian Creek Trail crosses 143rd), head east on 143rd, using the on-street bike lanes. Continue east about 1.5 miles and take a right on Darnell Street. Take Darnell south for 0.3 miles, then 146th Terrace east a block, then Alden Street south to Black Bob Park (the rear entrance is an unmarked sidewalk, which is a little hard to see unless you’re looking for it), then follow the gravel path around the park to the main entrance (watch out for soft spots and washouts on this trail). The Heritage Trail begins across 151st (use the traffic light, which does detect bicycles). [ view route ]

Here’s the announcement from the KC Star:

Olathe is opening a new 2-mile pedestrian trail on Labor Day.

The Heritage Trail will run from Heritage Park to Black Bob Park between 151st and 159th Streets.

It is currently 98 percent complete. A contractor was seeding along the trail this week and sodding will begin after Sept. 15.

Hikers, runners and bicyclists will be using the trail but motorized vehicle will not be allowed.

The entire trail has been asphalted and concrete approaches have been installed.

Michael Latka, project coordinator for the city’s parks and recreation department, said the trail cost $840,000 to construct. He said 80 percent of those dollars came from the Kansas Department of Transportation. Johnson County paid 10 percent of the cost and the city tax dollars paid for the remaining 10 percent.

Latka said the city already has constructed 23 miles of trails within the city limits, including trails within parks.

Another trail is under construction near 159th Street and Ridgeview Road and is currently about 45 percent complete. The South Indian Creek Trail is scheduled to be completed this November. The majority of the project will be finished at the end of this month.

Here are a few photos of the nearly-finished trail:

Here’s the trail at 151st and Mullen, across the street from Black Bob Park. At this point it runs along 151st for a few hundred feet as a wide sidewalk.

As the trail turns south, it transitions to an asphalt surface. Stay on the trail, as the sides are loose dirt, and there may be dirt and rocks on the trail itself in places, particularly after a rain.

At Manor Park, the trail passed through a wetland area on a nice boardwalk path.

The trail then passes through an open greenway behind some housing developments, as it approaches 159th Street.

Please be careful as the trail crosses 159th — motorists here tend to not stop before they reach the crosswalk, and in many cases don’t stop at all:

Once across 159th, the trail enters Heritage Park, where you can ride around the lake or take the trail across the dam and ride the trails on the south end of the park. Be sure to visit the landmark silo on “Blackbob Island”!

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