Diego Ballesteros Rides Again!

From KWCH, an update on Diego Ballesteros, the cyclist who was struck by a car and critically injured near Wichita in June 2010, while participating in the Race Across America (RAAM) (Race Across America Cyclist Struck By Car in Kansas).

While he will never walk again, Diego is still able to ride, using a handcycle:

Spanish cyclist paralyzed in Kansas is riding again

The Spanish cyclist hit by a car during a race in Kansas is getting used to life in a wheelchair. You may remember Diego Ballesteros, a cyclist competing in the Race Across America in 2010.

During the race route along K-254 outside of Wichita, a driver hit Ballesteros. The accident permentantly damaged his spinal cord and he’ll never walk again.

Ballesteros was in a Wichita hospital for several weeks. During that time, dozens of Wichitans came to visit and help him. Ballesteros says he made lifelong friends during his time here and is still appreciative of everyone’s help and support.

He’s now back in Spain getting used to his new life. He says he’s not focusing on what happened to him, instead putting his energy into what’s next.

Ballesteros started cycling again, this time using a special bike that he pedals with his hands. He’s also put together a video to titled “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. He hopes it helps motivate people to make the most out of the situations they are given.

Here is the video:

Diego’s attitude and determination is amazing. To suffer such a tremendous injury, at the height of his physical prowess, and come out of the experience a better person, without bitterness or hatred, is nearly beyond comprehension.

But it is endlessly frustrating that Diego’s life was forever changed, while the driver who paralyzed him faced no charges, and is presumably back to driving and endangering everyone on or near the road.

Good luck, Diego. Glad to see that you’re back to cycling!

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