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New Bike Lanes Installed In Salina

New bike lanes are being installed in Salina as part of Salina’s Bicycle Master Plan implementation, along with forthcoming sharrows and multi-use paths.

From the Salina Journal:

When traffic lanes are permanently marked in the next few days on that section of Santa Fe Avenue, designated bicycle lanes and a central turning lane will replace the second driving lane for motor vehicles. Vehicles will still be allowed to park on both sides of the street.

As stripes are painted on Santa Fe, Fifth and Seventh streets and other areas that recently were overlaid, bike routes identified in a master plan approved by city commissioners in February are being implemented.

The permanent markings — which will include 5-foot-wide bicycle lanes bordered by solid white lines on either side and a bicycle rider symbol with an arrow indicating direction of travel painted on the pavement — will make it clear to drivers that bicycles will now have a designated place to ride on Santa Fe Avenue, Fifth and Seventh streets.

Salina joins several other Kansas communities, including Manhattan, Hays, Hutchinson and Wichita, that are becoming more focused on becoming more bike friendly.

“It’s a gradual process,” he said. “There are going to be some bumps in the road along the way, but it’s just going to be a matter of educating drivers and educating bicyclists and increasing awareness.”

Here is an illustration showing the new configuration of Republic Avenue in Salina:

Salina Road Diet 2015

This is the map of the proposed bike routes in Salina, as envisioned by the Salina Bicycle Master Plan:

Salina Bike Route Map 2015

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