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In Praise of Oklahoma Mountain Biking

In Praise of Oklahoma Mountain BikingOklahoma is a great mountain biking state, but few people realize it.

So says Christian Combs, president of the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship, an Oklahoma mountain biking and trail-building club dedicated to the enhancement of off-road cycling.

Many people perceive Oklahoma as a relatively flat state, but it has a diverse geography and plenty of rugged terrain, particularly in the southeast corner of the state. There is no shortage of places to ride in Oklahoma.

Combs was shocked when he moved from Seattle to Oklahoma and discovered the abundance of great trails for mountain biking.

“We don’t have the Alpine riding that people associate with mountain biking, but we have lots of valleys and rolling topography that make for some of the best mountain biking you will find. You can go an hour in any direction from Oklahoma City and find five or six quality trails,” Combs said.

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Image courtesy of Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship.

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