Cheryl Discovers Mountain Biking

Cheryl Unruh is a columnist for The Emporia Gazette and writes a fine blog called FlyoverPeople (Life on the Ground in a Rectangular State), which focuses on stories and photographs from small towns across Kansas. She has a special talent for finding the most interesting folks and sights wherever she goes.

This week she’s on vacation in Arkansas:

While in Arkansas, my cousin Dave took me on a bike ride. We rode on pavement for awhile and then hit one of the wooded trails. What a blast. I hadn’t been on a bike for many years. The bike seat was hard – as bike seats tend to be – ever since banana seats went out of vogue.

I’d never ridden a mountain bike in the way it was intended – on a hilly trail – so this was great fun. More, I want more.

Cheryl, when you get back to Kansas, talk with the folks at High Gear Cyclery in Emporia, and they’ll point you to some of the local trails, or head to our directory of Kansas Mountain Bike Trails to explore on your own.

Yes, Kansas has mountain bike trails, too!

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One response to “Cheryl Discovers Mountain Biking”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’d forgotten how fun two wheels can be.