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Bike Trail Vandalism in Omaha

According to KFAB in Omaha, Nebraska:

Pam Fusselman tells 1110 KFAB that her husband was riding his bike on the West Papio Trail near 162nd and Blondo last week when he collided with a band of clear tape that stretched from one side of the bike trail to the other.

The impact of the collision gave Pam’s husband a concussion, broken collarbone, broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Fusselman believes it was a prank gone wrong, but says she doesn’t want what happened to her husband to happen to anyone else. On Wednesday Fusselman handed out flyers to area residents to try and educate them about what happened and hopefully prevent future incidents.

WOWT has an interview with Doug Fusselman, who said that “he didn’t know what hit him when he ran into a piece of plastic wrap that had been strung from one end of the trail to the other.”

Pam Fusselman says she is “on a mission both to alert other bikers of this potential danger as well as to try to find those who may be responsible for this crime.”

As Fusselman recuperates, and counts down the days until he can be back on his bike, at least he can be thankful that it wasn’t barbed wire across the path, as happened in England last April.

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