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'Craptastic' Trails in Tulsa?

Ed Wagner of CycleDog writes about his experiences on a local multi-use trail:

Brian Potter accompanied me on part of the Midland Valley Extension yesterday, a multi-use path that more or less parallels the east side of Tulsa’s inner dispersal loop. It’s difficult to describe this MUP adequately. Superlatives are out of the question. Other words like ‘craptastic’, ‘boondoggle’, or ‘wasted money’ come to mind. This trail runs along the edge of a quiet neighborhood and could have utilized the neighborhood streets as part of the city’s on-street bike route program. Instead, cyclists are expected to use this misbegotten glorified sidewalk instead of the street.

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One response to “'Craptastic' Trails in Tulsa?”

  1. Ed W says:

    Please don’t misunderstand me. The majority of the trails in the Tulsa area are fine. That’s why the deficiencies of the Midland Valley Extension are so glaring. I’m hoping that the newly formed advocacy committee can help stem similar poor designs in the future.