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Indoor Cycling Facility Coming to Boulder

Boulder Indoor Cycling is a new business opening in Boulder, Colorado on December 1st. The 25,000-square-foot facility will feature a 142-meter velodrome with 45-degree banked turns and an 18,000-square-foot mountain biking area that will offer a mix of traditional cross-country and “North Shore” riding and have log bridges, rock beds, banked turns and more.

Cyclists can purchase annual or daily passes for both the velodrome and mountain bike course. Boulder Indoor Cycling will also offer ongoing racing leagues and classes.

Learn more at boulderindoorcycling.com.

In other news: Cyclist in Fort Collins, Colorado may also be getting a velodrome (via The Group Ride blog).

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5 responses to “Indoor Cycling Facility Coming to Boulder”

  1. Ron Wade says:

    Now realize, Josh is the track racer, not myself, I am just a Fred…….. that said, we made the 9 hour drive to ride/train on the Boulder Indoor Cycling velodrome for Friday and Saturday. We both loved it! I took the beginners class, as I have only been on Frisco a few times…..

    To state the obvious….. It is FAST! The 5000 ft elevation combined with the size of the track makes every thing about this track fast. You can really feel the G-Forces in the sprinters lane in the turns. Being a Fred, that took some getting used to.

    Until the dust settles, it is wise to have your Oakley’s on, your eyes will get gritty.

    Every track has it’s own personality and this one is no different. Right now there is a small bump or rise in turn 3, but the beautiful thing about this track is that it can be easily corrected. Just like truing a wheel, they will be tweaking and fine tuning it for a few weeks. Once all the safety pads and other planned articles are implemented, this track will rock! Boulder style that is.

    Would be great if KC could use this business model and build one in an old warehouse…. Between KC, Lawrence and the surrounding areas, there is probably enough people to support it….. And it would draw on Columbia, Tulsa, Arkansas and others…

    We went there because the track is modeled after the Forest City track, Josh was scheduled to race up there on January 30.

    Josh is looking forward to returning to this track. He had a blast and loves the speed. We were not there long enough for him to really find the sweet lines to take when making jumps. He may head out for spring break or some three day weekends.

    From when we first entered the door to when we left, we were treated really great! The folks there were top notch.


    I firmly believe that all who go there will have a great time and will schedule a return visit.

  2. Hey Fred, Kris here with 303Cycling, I’m sorry to hear about the crash, particularly since it happened so soon after the grand opening! Has there been any talk about increasing the height of the “railing” (wall) to prevent this from happening again?