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KC Bikeability in Esteemed Company

From The Sydney Morning Herald, in an article discussing the construction of a separated cycle path in the Australian city:

The King Street cycle path between Sussex and Clarence streets, which will have kerbs separating pedestrians, cyclists and cars, is part of 55 kilometres of road on which the City of Sydney council wants to build separated cycleways.

Another 145 kilometres will have dedicated cycle lanes and shared zones by 2017 as part of the vision of Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore, to wean Sydney from its addiction to the car.

While praising Cr Moore’s vision, the Danish urban expert Jan Gehl said Sydney remained one of the most unliveable modern cities because of traffic noise and pollution.

“Sydney is way behind other civilised cities in this aspect,” said Professor Gehl, during a three-day visit. Last year Cr Moore commissioned the Danish architect to redesign the central business district.

“This city centre is one of the really bad ones I have come across … It is just as bad as London and Oakland [California] and Kansas City,” he said.

Apparently, Kansas City’s poor cycling infrastructure is well-known around the world.

They’ve a long way to go to reach the bicycle friendliness the mayor desires. For now, KC has a reputation as among the least-bikeable cities in America.

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  1. That doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I did a post a long time ago about my home town at the time but the idea is still relevant I think…